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Digital products to make possible to create very precise tools.

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  1. CryptoStamped

    CryptoStamped is a set of technologies and information systems within a single platform for digital accounting and traceability of goods and products, including those based on blockchain technologies –- a decentralised register of transaction blocks.

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    Employee safety is a very important aspect of every company culture, and inadequate emergency support can cost businesses millions. With this problem becomes history, because every employee's ID, personal info, and medical history, will be accessible using a safety SOS bracelet.

  3. Stereoaddress

    3D cadastre is a technology of three-dimensional cadastral registration of real estate objects for resolving property disputes, increasing guarantees of property rights, increasing the country’s income, developing modern technologies and tools for territorial planning, and reducing costs in the markets for goods and services.

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  4. PerformStars

    We provide every pool player a personal dashboard evaluating their level and skill dynamics.

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