Identity Systems

Corporate identity (also "identity") is a collection of elements and materials that represent a certain image of the company in the eyes of consumers. Corporate identity works for brand recognition and memorability.

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  1. Logotypes

    A logo, a trademark, distinguishes your company and your product from your competitors. Each trademark gives consumers an idea of a certain level of product quality. Without your company logo, it's hard to build a positive image in the eyes of consumers and extend it to other products.

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  2. Identity

    Identity (also called "corporate identity" or "corporate style", brand ID or corporate ID, whichever is more convenient) is a visual component of the brand, designed to increase its recognition and create an impression of integrity. No good branding is possible without a good identity. A logo book is a set of rules describing how to work properly with a logo. Usually in the logo book is a description of corporate colors, corporate fonts, the rules of the logo usage on different backgrounds.

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  3. Package

    The consumer spends only a few seconds making a purchase decision and most often prefers products he is already familiar with. But his choice can still be influenced, and by completely legal means. The packaging is the end of the era of product invisibility. It's the consumer's first impression and a chance to catch his attention. It's an opportunity to highlight your product on the shelf and quickly tell the customer about yourself. And, of course, it's just beautiful.

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  4. Catalogs & Presentations

    Marketers face the difficult task of making their company stand out from the competition. There are many known ways to do this, and one effective way is to print product catalogs or a list of services. This is probably the most basic function of any catalog. Here you can tell potential customers about any products or services, prices, uses, and more. You might think that a catalog is a sales mechanism. And it is.

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