Digital Experiences

Digital experiences are that portion of technology that allows companies to go beyond digitising paper processes in order to create services that are possible only because of the internet and other modern technologies.

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  1. UI/UX design

    UX is the User Experience. That is, what experience/impressions the user gets from working with your interface. Whether he can achieve the goal and how easy or difficult it is to do. And UI is the User Interface – what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it acquires. It defines what color your "product" will be, will it be convenient for a person to put his finger on the buttons, will the text be readable, and so on... UX/UI design – is the design of any user interface in which usability is as important as appearance.

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  2. Mobile App

    Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives. Apps have become our constant helpers in the micro-moments of "want to know," "want to go," "want to do," and "want to buy”. Consumers are increasingly using mobile apps and websites, and marketers need to take that into account.

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  3. E-commerce

    e-commerce is the core of the world's rapidly emerging digital economy and the result of the explosive development of telecommunications capacity over the past decade

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  4. Dashboards

    Ordinary users go to the sites and they are pleased to see beautiful interfaces. Site administrators go to the same sites, only from the "back door". And they are also site users. They, too, need simplicity and ease of perception of large amounts of information. Graphs, charts, data tables, a lot of menus – everything that is part of the site's dashboard – it all should have a good and clear design.

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  5. Product Design

    There are hundreds and thousands of objects around us. We come into contact with them and use them all the time. And, it may seem surprising, but it is a fact – the things that make up our environment, at a certain level have an impact on our mood, as well as on our inner state. Industrial design determines what the world of things that surround us daily will be.

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